Writing & Editing Words

In addition to several promising entries in the Reflections Writing Contest between the ages of 8-12, I have been writing for myself and anyone I can force to read for the past several years.

Writing On My Own Time

In 2014, I began the 365 Times 365 Project, wherein I write a short story every day for 365 days, and every one has to be exactly 365 words long.  This has continued ever since, resulting in more than 3000 pieces of flash fiction to date.

You can read more than 100 of these at the project’s dedicated blog: 365times365.com.

Writing For Work

For years I wrote a weekly news and educational blog for Z5 Inventory, where I covered topics that affected the healthcare industry’s supply chain like sustainability, cybersecurity, labor, and – oh, yeah – this little thing called COVID-19.

While with Z5, I also wrote everything from white papers to press releases to features in Forbes, Medline, Becker’s, and more. There’s a good chance that almost anything you’re reading on the Z5 Inventory website to this day was written by me.

I used to write daily for 101X.com, but most of the content that survives from my tenure there can be found on their YouTube page.

Editing For Publication

In 2022 I worked with Italian publisher Space Otter to edit / localize / naturalize the English translation of their graphic novel Out Of The Box. Their translators had provided a great start, but the text often read as a little unnatural.

Some of the changes that I suggested were small…

…and at least one was as large as the title of one of the major, ongoing stories.

(Might I have made some further tweaks, like correcting Ok to OK? Sure. But I didn’t have final approval on a lettering pass, so I can only do so much.)

The first volume has been successfully backed on Kickstarter, finalized, and shipped, and its sequel just wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign, too. Can’t wait to get the next script so I can get to work!

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