I’ve been on both sides of marketing & PR for 10+ years. Seems like I ought to have something to show for it, huh?


Organic & paid content. Online & print advertising. Physical mailers. Webinars. Media tours. Talent coordination. Influencer peddling. What do you want? If I somehow haven’t done it in the past, I can figure it out.

Numbers are boring. Want some pictures?

A three-phase mailing campaign we customized at each step with the target’s name & a cost-savings estimate.

A full-page digital/physical magazine ad that we worked pretty hard to make stand out from usual (boring) medical content.

Live Events & Trade Shows

Bar takeovers and academic presentations achieve the same underlying goal: sticking in the attendees’ minds. Give them something that surprises and delights them – ideally something they can use long after you’re out of sight – and you’ll win them over.

A takeaway tool given to all attendees of a standing-room-only presentation at a national healthcare conference.

Or at least that’s what I’ve done when I’ve arranged for my executives, my talent, and myself to appear before large audiences.

I promise the expert panel we led was moderated by a CEO and not a piggy bank. But Ziggy sure helped it be memorable.

What Else

Coverage and placement in respected outlets is both the easiest and most difficult thing to get. I’ve helped get features in news sites like Forbes and Becker’s, industry publications like Medline’s SCO Magazine and CIOReview, and others.

And sure, I’ve set up and occasionally hosted all sorts of other promotions, from red carpets to TV premiere events to your standard media tour interviews. See those in my Video section.

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