UX/UI/Plain Sense Instruction

I’m as opinionated as the next person when it comes to how an app works or how a website looks, but the difference between me and the next person is that I definitely have experience updating them, and the next person may or may not. I dunno. You’ll have to ask them. 


Z5 Inventory Redesigns

The design and usability standards when I first joined Z5 Inventory were – by their own admission – not great. I oversaw the process to update the website (twice)… 

three website homepage design screenshots labeled 2018 (Pre-Alex), 2020, and 2021

…and contributed to the redesign of the mobile app / online dashboard, creating instructional documentation for both along the way. 


See how I’ve made instructions simple (but not boring) in the past.

White Paper: 

The Perfect Inventory Count: 5 Steps To Improve Your Valuation Experience & Results”


Instructional Videos*: 

*Yes, these are outdated now, so I’m not giving away any secret sauce.


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