Podcasts & Editing Audio

Over a decade of working with audio, I’ve produced a few projects that I’m proud of, like the audio drama versions of my 365 Times 365 stories, or the times that I’ve either created my own podcasts or been a guest on other, more prestigious people’s. (Thanks and apologies to Doug Benson.)

Take 5: An Inventory Series

created to promote Z5 Inventory and its partners and position both as thought leaders

365 Times 365: Dramatized Audio

an extension of my 365 Times 365 daily short story project, I produced a few audio versions – most for the podcast Tele-Friends

Jumping The Shuttle

podcast chronicling a journey through every episode of Family Matters… starting with the series finale & working backwards

created by and for myself & my friends

Here’s our very dramatic trailer.

Doug Loves Movies

podcast full of movie talk & trivia, celebrities, and sometimes me

(I did create a game that continues to be used on the show – the mouthfully named “Alex’s Jason & Deb’s IMDb Game / Let’s Talk Talkies”)

Sep. 21, 2017 (w/ Scoot McNairy, Chris Cubas, & Mike MacRae)

Mar. 9, 2017 (w/ Scoot McNairy, Chris Cubas, & Owen Egerton)


podcast covering every James Bond movie & special

Dossier 27 – Diamonds Are Forever

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